Sincerely joyous GianLuca


This is the person who is always smiling and everybody knows him in Karachaganak

Field. The people know that he likes to be called as Luca and various people in various languages greet him ‘ Hello Luca”. Sometimes it is difficult for him to recall where he has got acquainted with this or that person. And it is reasonable.

GianLuca Chiarenza – an Italian citizen who stepped onto Kazakh Land three years ago for the first time.He is interested in people, in culture and arts, so he has found many friends here. At leisure GianLuca used to spend his time painting, so Kazakhstan nature and Kazakh people are the most valuable theme for him.

After 12 hours of operational pace and instant availability at the work site and after a hard working day he takes a painting brush in hands and likes to paint his most lovely sketches having a rest like this. He is always proud of his brother Marcello Chiarenza, one of the famous painters and a cultural worker in Italy and shows an Internet site about him.

    For the beginning he organised an art school as per the requests of his colleagues who is interested in drawing and painting. He bought paints and paper, brushes and colour pencils and began teaching how to paint. School attendance is voluntary and free of charge so there are many students and sometimes they come with their friends.This acquaintance in Aksai art school let Gianluca make many friends. At the beginning it was very hard to understand each other because GianLuca doesn’t know  either Russian or Kazakh but they  gained mutual understanding with the help of art. Being  a diligent person , an idea came to GianLuca’s mind.He noticed that many of the students and his friends are interested in the Italian language and he arranged a school of the Italian language.

In KIO company  where we  work all together a communication language is English.

So learning English is arranged in the Training Centre.

 GianLuca’s Italian school is just his initiative and functions only after a working day.

In short time a free public school has become very popular among the people. Now there are more than 70 students there to learn Italian. As per their language mastering they are divided into several groups. Now KIO company realises and helps them to get some text-books and makes a room for the classes to be conducted. The respect to his native tongue has impressed GianLuca’s friend Giuseppe Orlando,his colleague. Now Giuseppe is conducting the lessons in several groups.Giuseppe is also interested in the history of Kazakh Land. In particular, it is very interesting and captivating for him to learn the history of old fortresses and art memorials and signs on them.

GianLuca sees the hard life of residential population and he concerns himself with charity deeds. Sometimes he  sells one his pictures and gained money he gives to orphan’s home in Uralsk. He has got a letter of gratitude from  Company Management.

Recently HSE Department has requested GianLuca to take part in making a booklet dedicated to safety. Of course, he accepted the offer. He requested not to pay any money for his job, but transfer to the orphanage.

Recently GianLuca has collected all the pictures of the children of ages 6-13.

He surprises telling me that the people are so talented, showing me some of the pictures.

I shall show these pictures in Italy and hope they will be published in an Italian journal and tell them about your country and talented children.

I recall the status of the Kazakh language and Russian speaking Kazakh people’s attitude towards it. It is a shame that “The Kazakh Language” Society representatives take part in all festivals and ask always for financial help. Why there is not any person like GianLuca among those representatives? If there is any volunteer to teach the Kazakh language for five-six persons it will be a great deed for everyone.


Seilkhan Mustafa